Popper Fundraiser

POPPERama is the launch pad for popper fundraising information as well as a advertising base for the groups who are engaged in active fundraising projects. It’s easy to earn cash for your group

It’s been tough to raise funds to keep our group going. With so much shut down, we turned to POPPERama.com and the $18/18% Popper appeal. Earning cash when friends pick up a bottle or two, and everyone loves the “18% Shared” program for online ‘pick your own’. Our donor saves 10% and our group gets an 8% donation. Adds up fast!”

All Groups Accepted

Other fund raising programs require your group to be a 501(3)c or to be screened to meet their ‘acceptable’ profile. But not here..
The only requirement is being over 21 with a valid US ID.
Popperama supports groups like:

  • Gay Rugby Fundraising
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Soccer Fundraising
  • Social Clubs
  • Bowling Leagues
  • Leather Fund Raising
  • Softball Teams
  • Individual “fund me” programs

Profitable & Fun Popper Fundraising Projects

Groups love popper cleaning fundraisers. They’re great moneymakers because your donors already enjoy the wide range of cleaning solutions offered by POPPERama’s premium head cleaning vendors.
Choose from Quick Pak starter sets with 56 bottles of Mutiny, Jungle Juice Platinum or English Royal to name a few.

Popper Fundraiser Tips

$18 in person program:

Setting up a sales table outside a high-traffic bar or at an event is a great way to reach an audience at a perfect time. Who wouldn’t want a fresh bottle of poppers when leaving the game or bar with a special friend? With the selling price set at $18, lots of people will leave the $2 change as a tip. Always get permission ahead of time from the manager. A tip Jar never hurts, especially if you offer to split the tips with the bartender or concessioner. Weekends or event nights are the best time, so plan to be in position toward the later evening.
Maybe its corny, but it helps to be in uniform if raising funding for a known group or team. Use large signs to let people know who you are, what you are doing, and why you are raising funds.

Example: Gooners Rugby Fundraiser; Help Us Get To Palm Springs!

18% shared program:

Given the covid impacts on in person meetings and events many groups have been relying on the 18% SHARED program.
Your donors simply go to your POPPERama page, or to your popper store’s page and use your group’s D2 coupon code.
The ‘Donate to’ coupon code immediately saves the donor 10% on their purchase, and our selected poppers store donates 8% of the purchase to your group!
Use social media to spread the word.. Post stories on insta, tweet out the popper appeal or post to your group’s facebook page.
Even hand out business cards with the coupon code and your request for support.

Anyone Can Sell!

Whether it’s a event trip or new gear for your group, anyone can do a fundraiser. Fundraisers aren’t limited to just fundraiser events your groups and teams sponsor. You can individually fundraise for your organization by yourself. You set up the fundraiser, you do the selling, and you earn the profits!

Fundraising Benefits

  • AVAILABLE ANY TIME OF THE YEAR – Poppers are used year round making a popperama program perfect for any season- Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We are a year around fundraising organization!
  • FREE SHIPPING – We ship orders across the country and shipping is always free with a Quick Pak, Rush Return or Max Out In person Program.
  • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS – Most of our popper partners offer ongoing rewards programs that keep bringing customers back, and adding to your organizations funds.
  • ONLINE ORDERING – 18% SHARED works well for local donors as well as all of your out-of-town donors. Your organization gets 8% of the sale, your donors get a 10% discount and there is no work on your part.
    The items are shipped directly to the donor (hassle free).

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