$18 / 18% What’s that?

$18.00 / 18 percent, POPPER-ama Programs

When you fund raise, or help your friends find where to buy poppers, our programs are geared toward helping your cause (get teams a uniform, a special trip, new gear or even extra cash).
We have 2 programs… In Person and Online… In person the 10ml poppers sell for $18, a fair price when considering the charitable aspect of the donation… and in some locations, even cheaper the the mystery book store variety. The 18% program lets your group raise funds with no effort. When your donors go to our partner’s stores, they find more selection, and a 10% discount for their purchases and your group gets 8% on each sale… 10% + 8% = 18%.. Either way $18 or 18% you are earning for your cause.

Always here for you!

Popperama makes fund raising POP!

In Person – $18 / bottle

Order quick packs of 56 bottles of poppers starting an $9 / bottle, and sell direct to your friends, or at events for $18. That’s 100% profit.
Invest $499 and pocket $1,000.00
AND promote the 18% Shared for no-effort income

On line – 18% Shared

Promote your Donate To: coupon code to your friends, followers, or group.
Donor gets 10% off ANYthing (not just the brands you sell).
The cause receives 8% of the purchase

25% Bonus:
Use your funds to purchase a quick pack and get a 25% bonus, making the 8% into 10%

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