popper ama popper fund raising

POP up fund raising!

Trust POPPERama for popper fundraising information as well as an advertising base for your cause to POPUP a fundraising project:
1. Choose your programs (In Person or Online)
2. Promote your cause
3. Pocket the funds!

It’s easy to earn cash for your cause!

POP UP Fund Raising

Whether a team, group or an individual. Choose your cause and start raising cash.

1. Program

In Person and/or Online

Sell In Person
18 bottles Starter pack up to a
288 bottle Max Out Pack

Sell Online
Share your Donate to: coupon code and earn while you sleep

2. Promote

Social Media / Traditional

Promote your cause to any one (over 18) who would be willing to support you.

Share the Donate To: coupon code on twitter, insta or facebook

3. Pocket

Cash/P2P / 8% Credit

In person, accept cash or use money sharing apps to get paid, and keep it!

8% Credit
When your donors use a
Donate To: coupon to save10%,
you receive 8% of their purchase

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